Am I Healthy? Understand My Body Language

Shirley Zhu
JiaHui Chinese Medicine Research Center

A few months before Steve Jobs passed away, he felt extreme pain in his body. He knew that cancer came back. So he went to hospital, but the machine didn't find anything suspicious. His doctor told him that the pain was probably the effect of the new drugs. A few weeks later, with the intolerable pain, he went back to the hospital. This time the machine detected the problem, and it was too late...

Today, people trust the machine so much that they lost the basic sense of understanding their body language. The below is the expansion of basic health measurement that Dr. Ni Hai-sha created that most people tend to ignore. If you have no issues from the following perspectives, then you are healthy.

  1. Sleep. You should fall into sleep easily and sleep through night soundly without waking up in the middle of the night for no reason. You shouldn't have too many dreams, especially no bad dreams. During your sleep, you should not sweat (unless your room is too hot) nor snore. When you wake up in the morning, you should feel energized. You should not feel sleepy in day time.If you have insomnia, we need to know whether it is hard to get to sleep, waking up at certain time every night like a clock, waking up easily at any time, feeling cold or warm, or anything else.
  2. Appetite. You should feel a good appetite and eat fair amount of food every meal. You should not eat too much, or getting hungry easily. (Steve Jobs had eatting problem. Everyone tried to convince him to eat more, but they didn't know that it was Steve's health problem that he was unable to eat). You should not be over-weight or too thin. You should not feel any discomfort before/after eating, no vomit.
  3. Thirst. You should feel a little bit thirsty, enough to get to drink some water everyday. You shouldn't have to remind yourself to drink, nor want to keep drinking. You shouldn't need to go to bathroom shortly after drinking.
  4. Bowel Movement. You should have bowel movement everyday. The best time is when you wake up in the morning. The texture of the stool should be firm, long, and yellowish. You should feeladequately emptied your bowels. No pain, no blood and no troubles.
  5. Urine. You should urine 5-7 times a day. The color of your urine should be light yellow, and a little bit darker in the morning. Your urine should be clear. In summer when you sweat a lot, you will have less urine a day, compare to winter when you don't usually sweat. You shouldn't feel a need to urine at night during your sleep, unless you drink too much before going to bed. No pain, no blood.
  6. Cold or Warm. Your feet and your hands should be warm all year around. Put one of your palms over your forehead, your hand should be warmer than your head. You should not feel particular cold or warm at any time, unless when the room temperature changes. You should not have any fevers.
  7. Sweating. You should sweat after certain exercises, when it is hot, or when you are having spicy food. You should not sweat while nobody else does in the same room. You should not sweat too much like raining, nor not sweat at all.
  8. Menses. Women should have menses from 14 to 49, 28 days period, last for 5-7 days, adequate amount, no blood clogs, no pain or other symptoms related to menses period. Menses is the critical defense system built in a woman's body.
  9. Energy and mode. You should feel energized during the day and optimistic about life. You should not feel tired, nor get depressed easily.
  10. Other visible problems. For example, pain, cough, skin problems, etc
  11. Pulse, tongue, eye and press check. We will perform those checks during your visit.

With any medical treatment or herbal formula, if your health condition is moving towards the directions above, you are right on track of getting healthy.





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