Causes for Liver Cancer

Dr. Ni-HaiSha / Shirley Zhu
JH Chinese Medicine Research Center

Liver is the last detoxifying organ in our body. It plays the most critical role in metabolizing the toxic substance. If you know how to protect your liver, you will not get liver cancer or hepatocirrhosis, nor die of them.

We must be cautious about taking pills. Most of them perform controlling functions, for example, hypertension, hyperglycaemia, high Cholesterol, etc. Taking them over a long period will leave toxic substance inside your liver, which adds the burden to your liver. If you don't get enough rest because you are too busy or under depression, your liver will function under further pressure.

In Western medicine, people believe that B hepatitis can cause liver cancer. While in our research and experiences, liver cancer has nothing to do with B hepatitis, but people who drink a lot of alcoholic have very high risk of getting liver cancer.

Important aspects when facing liver caner and hepatocirrhosis:

You have to find a good Chinese Herbal practice consultant. You need to be extremely careful when taking pills.
  1. You need to understand your body language and be able to know whether health is improved or not. You should trust your body language more than machine data. When hearing the diagnosis of liver cancer, most people are frightened. This emotion will no doubt make health worse and make healing process much more difficult.
  2. The only treatment is to maintain your appetite, regular sleeping schedule and quality, and bowel movement and urine, so that your liver and spleen have enough time to function detoxifying job and drive the cancer out of body through stool, urine and/or sweating/itching.
  3. If you take Chinese herbs, you will see black stool and skin itching. Do not take pills to control it. It is your body is driving out liver diseases.
  4. When you visit a Chinese Herbal consultant, please make sure to share all your health information.





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