Herbs for Leukemia

Dr. Ni-HaiSha / Shirley Zhu
JH Chinese Medicine Research Center

Leukemia is a life threatening disease to most people. The only available solution in western medicine isbone marrow transplantation and chemo, which has caused many side effects, yet most patients still lost their life.

In Chinese medicine, we believe leukemia is closed associated with heart. Heart controls function of menses and semen. If your heart cannot perform the controlling the way it should, menses and semen will flow back. If it flows back to bone, excessive nutrition will be accumulated in bone, causing massive white blood cells there.

On average, Dr. Ni took 4-6 weeks to treat leukemia patients, if they didn't go through surgery or chemo. So the best solution, if you are diagnosed with leukemia, is to find a Chinese Herbal practioner.





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