If You Are Diagnosed With Diabetes

Dr. Ni-HaiSha
JH Chinese Medicine Research Center

In our experiences of herbal practice, we can divide people with diabetes into 5 categories:

First type, they just got diabetes and hadn't take any pills before coming to see us. They came back every week reporting lower and lower blood sugar numbers. Most of them observed normal blood sugar level in three weeks. This kind of clients are our sweet ones.

Second type, they had taken pills for 1~3 years. They are young and don't have other serious health problems. It also takes weeks.

Third type, they had take pills for years, but never injecting insulin. It takes 1~2 months for them to see their blood sugar going back to normal level.

Fourth type, they had taken pills and injected insulin for quite some time. It is our belief that pancreas starts to get vestigial as soon as you begin taking in insulin and it is very difficult to recover its functions. I have an example of a female client. She had insulin for 5 years before coming to see me 2 years ago. After weeks of herbal treatment, she felt great in all aspects and except that her blood sugar remained around 350. She was not concerned at all. She said her friend in neighborhood had taken insulin for years with bigger and bigger dose and now hashydroncus all over. This client knows what she gets if she goes back to insulin. She lost 125 pounds since she started to see me. I share this case with my students and other herbal consultants to demonstrate what Chinese medicine can do to diabetes. There is no single herb targeting at diabetes problem, because it is just a name in western medicine.

Fifth type, diabetes I. In my experience, they were caused byhepatitis B vaccine. The damage is forever. Chinese herbal medicine certainly can help to control all other symptoms except that the blood sugar number will still be high. But your life will be normal. If you take insulin, you are making the situation worse and worse.

(Shirley Zhu: Dr. Ni was my teacher for Chinese Medicine. He passed away in 2013. To carry on his vision, I started JH Chinese Medicine Research Center to help Chinese Medicine doctors worldwide in herbal and acupuncture treatment. My office (Jia Herbal Practice) in Fairport NY takes individual clients for their health issues.)





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