Why Should You Gradually Stop Taking Prescription Drugs?

Dr. Ni-HaiSha
JH Chinese Medicine Research Center

Why Should You Gradually Stop Taking Prescription Drugs?

  1. The side effects from prescription drugs are often worse than the disease
  2. Insufficient evidence exists to show disease conditions ever resolve from taking drugs. Drugs only SUPPRESS symptoms all the while exhausting the body. In due time, some harmful drug side effects appear Other side effects are not apparent until after taking the drugs for some time.
  3. If one carefully reads the insert which lists all the side effects of the drug. It seems unreasonable that patients spend a great deal of money on prescription drugs that are slowly deteriorating their body.

How To Wean Off Medications

  1. Any type of steroid and related drugs for thyroid or glaucoma disorders may be slowly decreased
  2. Drugs which manage disorders such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol/triglycerides, depression, and stress may be discontinued. These drugs are not correcting the disorder, but are causing insidious harm to the body.
  3. You may keep such medications handy just in case your blood pressure, blood sugar, etc. are too high some days, and take it only as needed. Just make sure you REALLY need it before you take it.
  4. You may wish to consult with your doctors who are prescribing the drugs and tell them you are currently taking herbal medicines and plan to slowly wean off the drugs. If your doctor supports you in stopping the drugs, he will suggest that you come back for periodic laboratory tests to make sure you are improving. This is a good physician - stay close to him.

Conclusion: If you are afraid to wean off prescription drugs, the problem is with you, not your doctor. Your doctor does not know what the root cause of most diseases are, so they cannot cure it. They can only prescribe drugs to manage the disorder.

Traditional Chinese medicine has known for over 5,000 years how 
the human body works and how to heal it. This in depth knowledge had already long surpassed that of Western medicine's before Western medicine even existed. Chinese medicine looks to find the root cause of diseases and attempt to correct these disorders permanently.

Remarks by Jia Herbal: This is reference reading. For your health questions, please refer to Jia Herbal office.





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