The Unknown Significance Of The Heart In Disease

Dr. Ni-HaiSha

The Unknown Significance Of The Heart In Disease

Everyone knows the heart is an important organ in the body, but very few realize just how absolutely crucial the heart is to proper health and what diseases occur when it is not working property. Did you know that so called autoimmune disease in modem medicine (where the true causes are unknown) such as lupus, leukemia, lung cancer, breast cancer, brain tumors and lymphomas can all be traced back to heart dysfunction?
 The physiology of the menstrual cycle in females is very dependent on the heart.

For simplicity's sake, this is how it works. White colored milk nutrients are formed in the breast cells. The pumping action of the heart creates kinetic energy in the form of heat, which turns the white nutrients pink. Then these pink nutrients are pumped downwards by the heart to the umbilical area where they are transformed into a dark red
 appearance by the intense heat of the small intestine. The residue of these nutrients is released, which is known as the 'period' in females. If the heart is not strong enough to 
pump these milk nutrients downwards, they will flow back upwards, settling in an organ. A whole host of systemic diseases can occur.

If the nutrients settle in the breast, breast cancer results. If the nutrients settle in the spinal cord bone marrow, leukemia results. If the nutrients settle in the lungs, lung cancer results. If the nutrients settle in the lymphatic vessels, lymphoma results. If the nutrients settle in the brain, brain tumors result. If the nutrients settle in the heart, lupus results. Besides these six diseases, this act of nutrients reversing direction may result in hundreds of other disease conditions. The conclusion is obvious: The heart condition must be kept strong.

What are some reasons for heart dysfunction? Overuse of antibiotics, chronic use of painkilling drugs, overuse of nutritional supplements, constant feelings of depression and stress are all major causes of heart dysfunction.

Many individuals today suffer from thyroid disease. Modem medicine believes thyroid disease will result in heart dysfunction. This is partially true, but what isn’t realized is 
that it was early heart dysfunction in the first place that lead to the thyroid disorder. 
Modem medicine is unaware of very early heart dysfunction. It isn’t until the thyroid is affected that treatment is typically initiated by modem medicine.

To reiterate. early heart dysfunction leads to thyroid dysfunction which eventually may lead to heart attacks.

Modem medicine does not know about early heart dysfunction. It only begins treatment when the thyroid is not functioning properly.
 In conclusion, individuals should be very cautious about using modem drugs and nutritional supplements. Feelings of depression and stress should be minimized. If any of the six main diseases listed above ever occurs in you, you should avoid drugs and surgery. Once drugs, surgery, or radiation have done their damage. It will be difficult to recover from the disease or side effects of treatment. A doctor trained in genuine traditional Chinese medicine should be sought to treat the underlying cause. 
Only then can the disease be cured.

The information in this article was developed as a result of years of clinical observation and experience by Hai-Sha Ni, Traditional Chinese Physician.





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