High Blood Sugar

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High Blood Sugar

Modem medicine considers high blood sugar a disease. Their standard treatment is to administer blood sugar lowering drugs to balance the blood sugar.

Traditional Chinese medicine sees the blood sugar as high because individuals have a deficient amount of water in their cardiovascular system. Let's look at a simple analogy. Take two equal size cups. Cup A is filled with water to the top and the cup B is half full. If a teaspoon of sugar is mixed in both cups, which cup will be sweeter tasting? Obviously, the cup B will taste sweeter. So, it isn't so much the amount of sugar present, but the amount of WATER present. As time passes, the sugar solute will settle to the bottom. This will create a deceiving situation in which the cup of water will appear to have a decreased amount of sugar. Modern medicine follows this principle: The blood sugar is high, so drugs are administered. Results are tested by taking a sample of blood from the FINGERTIP, which seems to show the blood sugar has decreased. But, if the sample was taken from the TOE, the sugar level will read high because as with the analogy before, the sugar has settled in the feet area. It appears that the sugar problem was resolved, but really it has not. Diabetics generally always have very poor circulation in their feet. As a result, if they ever have a wound in their feet, the wound never heals. Eventually, the infection gets to a stage where pus enters the bone and into the bone marrow. The only method of treatment is amputation of the necrotic area.

Chinese medicine takes a different approach. Standard treatment is to restore water to the cardiovascular system there by correcting the sugar imbalance.

There are many herbal medicines to treat high blood sugar. But the first thing to do is to protect the kidneys. High blood sugar always damages the kidneys.

When the kidneys are healthy, there will be no concern for dialysis. Furthermore, good kidneys prevent heart failure. When the kidneys and heart are working properly, the pancreas will heal itself. If patients keep using insulin, the pancreas will eventually cease to function. At this point of degeneration, it is too late for any type of true healing. Insulin is the only route. Also, at this point, herbal medicines may be used to protect the heart/kidneys to avoid dialysis.

There should be no cause for alarm when one is taking Chinese herbal medicine for conditions such as high blood pressure. Blood sugar, etc. Drugs may still be kept handy, in case of emergencies. They may be taken once in a while. The key is not to abuse them. Chinese herbal medicine, after being taken for a period of time, will eventually bring the body back to normal. When this occurs, drugs will not be necessary anymore.





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