High Blood Pressure

Dr. Ni-HaiSha
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High Blood Pressure

In modern medicine, high blood pressure is considered a disease. Traditional Chinese medicine views high blood pressure as a symptom, not a disease. High blood pressure is the body's method of sending a message that something is abnormal. Modem medicine generally treats high blood pressure by putting patients on various drugs, which more often than not, have side effects. Traditional Chinese medicine looks for the root cause and attempts to correct the disorder with natural, but potent herbal medicines. A cure is possible, but every individual’s physiology is different. Some take two weeks, some two months, and some need six months depending on the severity of the condition.

To reiterate, traditional Chinese medicine views high blood pressure as a symptom, NOT a disease. A true physician of traditional Chinese medicine thoroughly examines the internal organs to look for the cause of an individual's high blood pressure. Once the cause is determined, the symptoms may be treated accordingly.

In some instances, modern drugs may be used in the event of an emergency. The key is not to misuse them. Side effects of long term use of modern drugs will be damaged blood vessels and a decrease in libido.





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