How Do You Recognize A Genuine Traditional Chinese Physician?

Dr. Ni-HaiSha
JH Chinese Medicine Research Center

How Do You Recognize A Genuine Traditional Chinese Physician?

When you are In the presence of a genuine traditional Chinese
 doctor, you should feel like you are dealing with Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein was a brilliant theoretical physicist or herbalist. His office was very simple, containing only a blackboard and chalk. He never traveled to outer space, yet he was able to formulate concepts regarding the black hole and space. A genuine traditional Chinese physician can be compared to Einstein. He doesn’t have to probe inside the body and use fancy lab test machines to figure out what is happening. He is
 aware that the human body is the most sophisticated machine. Using time tested diagnostic techniques, he can evaluate conditions with much greater accuracy than a doctor who uses modem laboratory tests. If any doctor of traditional Chinese medicine ever sends you for lab tests of any kind before giving you treatment, he is NOT a genuine traditional Chinese physician.

A genuine traditional Chinese physician should be well versed in the four classic Chinese medical texts which are: the Shang Han Lun(Treatise On Cold Damage), the Chin Kuei Yao Lue(Prescriptions From The Golden Chamber), The Yellow Emperor's Classic Of Internal Medicine, and the Shen Nong Ben Tsao Ching(Detailed Exposition Of Herbal Medicines).

Traditional Chinese medicine is an intricate medical 
science based on physics. Physics involves temperature, speed, and pressure. Western, or modem medical science is based largely on chemistry. Chemistry involves enzymes, minerals, and molecular compounds. Eastern and Western medicine have completely different point of views on human physiology. Chinese medical theory states that humans are NOT a product of technology, but rather of mother nature. Excluding injuries from trauma and related incidents, Chinese medicine is opposed to surgery as treatment for diseases. Surgery is very stressful to the body and does not solve the problem. Chinese medicine utilizes noninvasive methods for treatment

A real traditional Chinese physician looks for the root of 
disease. Because of this, he not only can cure diseases, but also can prevent the same disease from ever recurring in the future.





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