Treating Cancer With Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr. Ni-HaiSha
JH Chinese Medicine Research Center

Treating Cancer With Traditional Chinese Medicine

Western medicine views cancer as abnormal growths within the body which quickly spreads if not treated with radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, or toxic chemical drugs. They attempt to kill the cancer by any means necessary, often costing the patient hundreds of thousands of dollars. These procedures do not eliminate all the cancer cells in the body and will often 
cause them to spread to other areas.

When a patient is given a diagnosis of cancer by a Western MD, the now terrified patient will have anxiety, fear, depression, and worried negative thoughts. Unfortunately, the MD just initiated the destruction of quality of life for both the patient and the patient's family. The over-worried and terrified patient then experiences negative side effects manifested on the
 body as a result of knowing they have cancer and experience emotional trauma. Some patients even die from heart attacks caused by the stress of knowing what kind of cancer is within their body, even before having any complications from the cancer. This proves that regardless of the cancer name given (lupus, leukemia, lymphoma, sarcoma, uterine myoma,
 bronchogenic carcinoma, etc.), it only causes more harm than good. M.D. frightened the patient by telling them that they have 'X cancer' or 'Y cancer’, but does absolutely nothing to help the patient, nor solve the problem. Since M.D. don't know where cancer comes from, bow can they successfully treat it?

Now let's change your thinking and give you a different concept using Traditional Chinese Medicine. When cancer cells remain in the body, it is result of body's environment. Think of an orange tree, it grows in just the right environment, sunny and warm (like Florida). But if you dig up the tree and transplant it up north in Michigan, it will not survive. This concept of ‘growing in the right environment' can be applied when treating cancer with Traditional Chinese Medicine. We use natural organic herbs to help change the body's environment, making it undesirable for cancer cells to survive.

We concentrate on the patients symptoms, and not the specific disease name. We do not frighten the patient with a disease name, which allows for the patient to remain calm during treatment and allows for continued quality of life. We know how to effectively heal the body and eliminate cancer since
 we know where the cancer comes from and what causes it.





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