Regarding Your Treatment...

Dr. Ni-HaiSha
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Regarding Your Treatment...

There are different levels by which diseases are diagnosed and
 confirmed in Chinese medicine. Disease first attacks the Greater Yang stage where the common cold (flu) and headaches are common. If the disease goes deeper, it may attack the Absolutely Yang level which commonly has 'hot' symptoms like a high fever, constipation, thirst, etc. Rest assured that if your disease is in the Absolutely Yang level, no serious diseases will manifest. Occasionally, the Greater Yang disease may progress to the Lesser Yang stage, in which case symptoms of alternating chills and fever, and nausea are common.
 Women who contract the flu during their menses will automatically reach the Lesser Yang level.

Once the disease reaches the Yin levels, the disease has reached the internal organs of your body. If a Lesser Yang stage disease progresses, it may attack the Greater Yin level, commonly seen with generalized aches, muscle pains, and fullness of the stomach. If the Greater Yin disease progresses, it will attack the Lesser Yin stage and common symptoms in this stage include water retention, memory loss, hair and bone loss, joint pains, 
frequent urination, and feeling cold. If the Lesser Yin stage disease further progresses into the Absolutely Yin stage, there will be no energy, the upper body will be hot and the lower body will feel cold (cold feet). All virus diseases always have Absolutely Yin symptoms. Please recognize that habitual use
 of vitamins and western drugs will cause the feet to get cold. When the body heals, the symptoms will change as it progresses back to the first stage of disease.

You will need to continue taking the herbal medicines until your health problems are gone and until your face and body are cool, your palms and feet are warm, you can sleep through the night without awakening, you have normal daily bowel movements, you have a good appetite, and you feel refreshed and energized in the morning when waking up. Herbs are generally prescribed for only a few days at a time because we need to recheck your body to update or adjust the herbal formula as your body continues to heal. Our herbs will not cover symptoms. Our herbs will stimulate your body's organs and cells to work independently, which allows the body to correct any disorders by itself without the help of any drugs or supplements. Occasionally, when taking herbal medicines, your symptoms 
may appear to be getting worse. Do not be alarmed, for this is normal and temporary. This is only a 'healing crisis', which is an indication that the herbs are doing their job in detoxifying the body. Symptoms will subside with time.

Again, as everybody's body and problem is different, we cannot
 determine the exact time you will need to continue taking the herbal medicines. Once your body has reached a stable level, capsules may be prescribed instead of herbal teas. You must continue to follow up after finishing your herbal prescription or your problems will reoccur.





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