Flies in the Living Room!

Dr. Ni-HaiSha / Shirley Zhu
JH Chinese Medicine Research Center

Flies in the Living Room!

Having an infection is the same as having millions of flies in your living room. The flies are not the problem. The problem is the pile of garbage! And who put the garbage there in the first place?

If you have millions of flies swarming in your living room, they are there for a reason. Either someone put them there, or they are feeding on and breeding in the pile of garbage left by someone. The same is true for anything growing or living in/on your body that should not, whether it is labeled as fungal, viral, bacterial, or cancer.

Life, as far as we currently know, requires water and some type of nutrition to survive and grow. The amount of water and type of nutrition determines what kind of things to grow. If the environment is warm and damp, fungal type infections tend to occur. If the environment has a lot of standing water, then mosquitoes may come and lay their eggs. Lots of moist rotting food may attract flies. Drier food sources may encourage and
 support cockroaches. These insects may be compared to fungus, virus, bacteria, cancer, etc.

If you leave the windows and doors to your house open, many creatures may come and go. When all of the food and trash is stored properly they will not find anything they like and can not survive long if they do not leave. Our bodies are very much like our houses, no matter how clean we try to keep them, if you look hard enough you will find a few insects etc. But, if we are healthy, they will not be able to increase their population 
fast enough to get ahead of our immune system.

Once you have allowed the flies to get established you have a few options:

  1. Do nothing and let the flies take over.
  2. Try to use chemicals to kill the flies and hope the chemicals do not also kill you or make you sick. Even if you manage to destroy the flies, they will be easy to return because you will still have a huge pile of garbage as well as all the dead
  3. Remove the living room. This will remove the pile of garbage, but will leave a permanent opening in your home and does nothing to stop the person leaving the garbage lying around. Soon you will have a new pile of garbage in one of the remaining rooms and the process will start all over.
  4. Remove the garbage and most of the flies with it. The remaining flies will leave or starve to death. Then you must determine who was responsible for leaving the pile of garbage in the first place, and correct the problem so they will
 not do it again.

The superior physician can remove the garbage and correct the source to permanently correct the problem.





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