Does Chinese Herbal Medicine Really Taste That Bad?

Dr. Ni-HaiSha / Shirley Zhu
JH Chinese Medicine Research Center

Does Chinese Herbal Medicine Really Taste That Bad?

The main complaint from anyone who has ever had Chinese herbal
medicine (in broth form) is the evident atrocious taste. This is
especially common among people in the West, where few people
have ever experienced Chinese herbal medicine. People in the West have been accustomed to ARTIFICIALLY FLAVORED grape cough
syrups, cherry sore throat sprays, bubble gum antibiotics, and so on.
The point is, these modem medicines don't really taste like candy unless flavoring agents make them that way. When patients receive Chinese herbal medicines, no attempt has been made to try to hide behind artificial agents to make the medicine? taste better. If one considers Chinese herbal medicine to be unpalatable, then one should try taking dextromethorphan (conventional cough syrup), phenol (in sore throat sprays), and amoxicillin (an antibiotic) WITHOUT artificial flavoring agents!

Modern medicines in pill form are CHEMICAL(i e., toxic) drugs with extremely powerful effects. That's why every drug is in a very small pill form. Just a minute amount is enough to last for hours. If one also took these chemical drugs in LIQUID form, one may not think Chinese herbal medicines is that bad.

There are a few ways to take the herbal broth. One way is to inhale a couple times, hold the breath, and try to drink the entire cup of medicine all at once. Immediately RINSE the mouth out with water and take a teaspoon of honey or orange marmalade. Another way is to use a straw, the kind that can bend at an angle and place it towards the back of the mouth. These are only two ways, you can experiment with ways that will work for you. Medicine that is taken in its pure form without artificial flavors is the most potent.

"Sweet things eaten prove in digestion sour. Bitter medicines are sweet to the body.”

Remarks by Shirley Zhu: Herbs from Jia Herbal Practice are all powder, and sometimes pills (very small herb ball).





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