LUNG CANCER (As viewed by Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Dr. Ni-HaiSha
JH Chinese Medicine Research Center

LUNG CANCER (As viewed by Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Traditional Chinese Medicine defines a tumor or cancer growth as an Excess. An Excess is something which should not be there. In order for cancer cells (an Excess) to grow, there needs to be 2 key elements. The first is water. The second is nutrition.

Before any Lung cancer can form, there must first be a water environment suitable for 
the cancer cells to thrive. In most cases, there will be water or a thick damp fluid which 
will settle at the bottom of the Lungs, or between the sides of the Lungs and the ribcage.

If there is any water in or around your Lungs, you will not be able to lay flat on your back
 without having complications such as coupling or difficulty breathing. Obviously, if you have to sleep with your body elevated and cannot lay flat, this tells you that there is too
 much water in or around your lungs.

Lung cancer is not the same as asthma even though it may give some of the same
 symptoms as asthma. Cancer cells will live in the water, and too much water will take up 
some of the capacity of the Lungs, creating an asthma or shortness of breath symptom.
 Putting it in simple terms, if you have too much water in the Lungs, it creates an 
environment suitable for cancer cells to survive.

Any man-made nutritional supplement must be avoided, even if it says "All Natural". 
Humans should get nutrients from natural foods and herbs and never from any
 manufactured or processed pills, powders, or supplements. We must realize that
 nutritional supplements are too rich in nutrients, and anything too rich will feed the
 cancer cells. Milk (dairy products), and estrogen pills (female hormone replacement) will
 also increase the risk of getting Lung cancer.

Traditional Chinese Medicine understands Lung cancer in women begins from breast milk which has reverted to the Lungs. Men get Lung cancer when their sperm reverts to the Lungs. This results when the Heart has become weak.

Symptoms to look for include waking up every morning between 3:00 to 5:00. Men may look for mustache or beard hair that has stopped growing which is actually just the 
residual of old sperm nutrients. Women may look for menstrual changes, especially if the
 period has stopped before reaching menopause. Other symptoms of Lung cancer include 
chronic coughing and coughing up clear to white bubbly mucus. When the cancer get s
worse, there may be blood mixed in with the mucus.

When Traditional Chinese Medicine treats Lung cancer, we eliminate the excess water
 and isolate the food supply (nutrients). The Liver is also treated so the Lung cancer
 cannot spread to the Liver and other organs. The Spleen is treated so you will have a
good appetite.

Learn to select natural organic foods. Natural organic foods and Chinese herbs are 
alkaline in nature, while processed foods are acid in nature and will feed cancer cells.
 Coffee and anything with refined sugar in it is also acid and must be avoided. Our goal is 
to help you keep your body on the alkaline side, because in an alkaline environment, no 
virus, bacteria, or cancer can survive. Knowing what foods and drinks to avoid and which
 foods to select are essential in helping create an alkaline environment within your body
 which will help in treating cancer.





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